Thursday, January 28, 2010

The ultimate way to recycle an iMac

In 1998 Apple Computer introduced the iMac, a cute, translucent and colorful personal computer that helped to make computing a fashion statement.

While these machines were revolutionary in their time most of them have since been retired to be replaced by newer and faster machines. Left behind are beautiful pieces of design that by and large no longer serve a useful function.

My solution was to create custom lamps from them, soon available to buy from my web site

Robotic Figures

Computers and modern gadgets serve great purposes, but after a while they become more expensive to maintain and fix than to replace. After those pieces of technology are no longer useful they need to be disposed of in some way.

Creating artwork from components is one way to accomplish this. The figures that I create manage to turn mass produced parts into something truly unique.

If anybody is wondering, I recycle toxic components (batteries, CRT screens, etc) and do not use them in my work.

Hello from Tim the Geeky Artist

Welcome to Tim The Geeky Artist! As the name of this blog implies I am both an artist and a geek, and my name is indeed Tim. I love fine art, graphic design and computing. It is my livelihood and my passion.

I hope to share some of my experiences and ideas with you. I also welcome your ideas and comments. Perhaps we can have some fun along the way.